It might have been a prank, Ember agreed slowly, but the attempt on your life was definitely not. And it is possible someone will make another attempt.

Nilien sat down on her bed with a thump and stared down at Ember. “I am not feeling very reassured,” she complained.

I am not here to reassure you. I am here because you wished to live. Has that changed?

“What? No. No, of course not, I still want to live!” It was her turn now to glare at her familiar, who panted at her in amusement, tail swishing. “Why would you even say such a thing?”

Because the biggest concern is not if Istore thinks that you are a Weed. That is a stupid term, made up by foolish people who do not understand what they are really speaking about. You are a Rune. The biggest concern is that someone attempted to kill you. And my tracking is not wrong. The person in the green is the one who put the tracking spell on you. Ember looked pleased with itself. Of course, Ember almost always looked pleased with itself.

“I never said that your tracking was wrong!” She was arguing with a fox. Nilien sighed. She had a feeling she was going to spend far too much of her life arguing with a fox. “Heldira. That’s her name. And her friend Chason seemed nice enough, and Tarin… wasn’t too bad. So maybe it’s just. Maybe it was a prank?” She didn’t know if she was trying to convince herself or Ember. Her familiar did not look convinced, that was sure, and she didn’t really feel any better, so her end goal might have been a moot point.

And if it was? Do you want them to succeed in pulling a prank on you? You want to be able to hold your head high here, do you not? It hopped onto the bed and flopped down, head on her lap, looking up at her.

“Of course I do! It’s— well, it’s not going to be easy. I was known for my good grades in my old school, and here—”

Here, you will be known for catching up very quickly. Ember made it sound very easy. And for not being caught by foolish traps.

“I suppose that’s a goal. Which means i really should practice that magic-sight.” She petted Ember between the ears, as her familiar very clearly was angling for, and focused her magic on her sight.

There was another tracking spell on her back. Nilien huffed out in frustration.

“Let’s see if I can get this thing off,” she complained. It hadn’t worked all that well the first time, but it might do better with practice. “First… Ember, can you get the scent?”

It is the same as before. Ember gave her an unreadable look.

“…Of course it is.” Nilien bit her lip and tried to make the tracking spell go away.

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