“Nilien!” The professor hurried out of her office and held out her hand. “What happened?”

Nilien took the hand the professor offered and limped carefully into her office. “I had a bit of a run-in with a tree, professor. Ember and I were out in the forest; we wanted to coax out the person who put the tracking spells on me so Lorque and Riva could pull a counter-prank on her. I hope they’re fine, because it wasn’t her out in the forest.” She bit her lip. “Well, we were out there, and someone tried to knock a tree on top of me. I don’t know who it was, but it wasn’t Heldira. She’s the one we found,” she explained, “who put the tracking spells on me.”

“Spells?” The professor looked sharply at her. “Ah, I see. We really should get you healed and your clothing fixed, but I can get you started at least and get that tracking spell off of you. Now, you say someone knocked a tree on you?” She clucked as she walked around Nilien. “It didn’t actually fall on you, did it?”

“No.” Nilien shook her head. She didn’t think she could have survived, considering the size of the tree. “I would have had trouble getting out, from the looks of it and the sound it made when it fell. Ember saw it in time and warned me.” She petted Ember between the ears. Her familiar really had saved her life. Again. “We’d heard someone coming, but never saw them. Then I started running – because of the tree falling on me – and…” She swallowed, surprised to find she was nearly crying. “I was running too fast. Ember told me to slow down, but I was so scared.“ She took a couple ragged breaths. “I didn’t know who I should go to, but you know about the tracking spells…”

“Well, I am good at those,” Vaudelle admitted. “At getting rid of them and finding them, at least. I did warn you to be careful, though.” She shook her head, though she was still smiling. “Ah, well, I’ve gotten into worse messes than yours.”

“It was just another student,” Nilien pointed out. “So I thought that they probably were just trying to get me distressed, maybe get me lost again. And I thought that if we pulled a prank back on Heldira, then she might be more likely to leave me alone in the future.”

“Aah. But she sent someone else, instead.” Professor Vaudelle shook her head. “You probably shouldn’t be wandering off of the castle grounds. Out there, it’s not as well-maintained, as you noticed. Now, let me see.” She stared at Nilien’s ankle for a moment. “That’s not a lot – I’m not all that good at healing spells – but it will help you walk enough to get to someone who can help you a little bit more. Be careful with yourself,” she tutted. “Especially if you’re going to be pulling your own pranks!”

“Thank you, Professor.” Nilien bowed her head. “I’ll try to be more careful in the future.”

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    1. Good question! The doctor can handle things much more effectively from their own office, which has all of their supplies. Also, Nilien could already walk, but Prof. Vaudelle did the best she could to make it easier.

      Also also, I am quite certain that Prof. Vaudelle is intending to accompany Nilien to the doctor.

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